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  1. Sir Roger is the most charming man ever! A direct descendant of the david Niven School of Being English.

  2. I still maintain that Roger Moore’s Bond may have been the most ruthless Bond of all time! Sir Rog himself is a true gentleman, but his Bond sure as heck wasn’t…

  3. I miss the lover! I hate the antisexual atmosphere of ‘Quantum’

  4. Depends I suppose on if one considers his Bond mercilessly slapping around a woman or inexplicably sparing the life of a murderous midget henchman from the same film.

    Of course he did *shoot* Stromberg which James Bond very rarely does (a direct cause of the villain’s death).

  5. Don’t forget Stromberg was by that point unarmed and that Bond pumped several bullets into him: it’s all but a repeat of Dent’s death in DN. Indeed, Moore’s Bond seems to have a thing for the coup de grace. Having shot Drax in the heart with a poisoned dart, is there any reason then to eject him into space, except for kicks?

    On top of that, there’s threatening to kill Rosie Carver and to break Andrea Anders’ arm, using a cheap card trick to con a naive virgin into bed, apparently using the hapless Felicca as a human shield, dropping Sandor off a roof when surely taking him in and asking a few more questions might have been useful… the list goes on. To add to which every horrible death for which he’s responsible is topped off with a merry quip.

    OK, I’m being slightly tongue-in-cheek here, but there is a point, kind of – just because Moore’s Bond makes light of his ruthless actions doesn’t make the actions themselves any less ruthless. Lover, my foot – this guy’s a jovial sociopath…

  6. Craig was a lover in “CASINO ROYALE”. He was dealing with said lover’s death in “QUANTUM OF SOLACE”. I’m getting tired of complaints that “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” did not become another “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER”, following the death of a loved one. I’m getting tired of the complaints that Craig’s Bond didn’t stick to the crap of the 1960s and 1970s.

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