Jeffrey Deaver discusses ‘Project X’ book

Jeffrey Deaver, commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to write a new 007 novel, has disclosed a few details to the DR. SHATTERHAND’S BOTANICAL GARDEN Web site.

Deaver tells Shatterhand that “Project X” (the codename for the new book) is a “reboot,” with Bond being born in the early 1980s. Some characters will return but others will not. The author says “an extensive outline” is in place and that he will start writing the new novel soon.

Here’s the video interview Shatterhand did with Deaver. (Also here’s a shoutout to Jeremy Duns who linked it on his Facebook page, which is where we saw it):

UPDATE: The interview caused a lot of discussion on the message boards of the Commander Web site and you can read some of it BY CLICKING HERE.

Meanwhile, here’s a BBC interview with Deaver back on May 28:

2 Responses

  1. A…Litterary reboot ?

    Ok, time for me to find that little uncharted island ,far away from the crazyness of our current world …

  2. I note that the sidebar at about 1:25 states ‘Project X is a series of 007 novels by various authors’ – an interesting prospect if it happens, and I think the first time this has been mentioned.

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