“OSS 117: Lost in Rio”

“OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies” (2006) was a terrific spoof of the 1960’s spy genre. Highly recommended for its humor, acting (Jean Dujardin is genius), and overall homage to the James Bond film series. There are several ties to the 007 pictures as well, one being that John Gavin portrayed OSS 117 in a straight adaptation of the Jean Bruce character in the 1960’s

Its sequel “OSS 117: Lost in Rio” has finally opened in the U.S. (at The Music Box in Chicago) and HMSS will be falling over itself to see this film.

Roger Ebert’s Review of “OSS 117: Lost in Rio”

4 Responses

  1. Director Michel Hazavanicus is supposedly working on N° 3 of the series…

    But honestly guys , I still prefer the original movies , which were nothing more than crude copycats of the Eon films ( legend has it Cubby decided to film the Moonraker speedboat chase at the Iguacu Falls after viewing ” Furia à Bahia pour OSS 117 ” … )

  2. The original in this series (Cairo), or the original straight adaptation(s)?

  3. The original straight adaptations , of course !
    They’re pure escapism Cinema …Made with ridiculous budgets ( compared to the Eon ones ) , but still wholy entertaining !!!

    Don’t get me wrong , though : I do like a lot those new variations , but , for me at last , they own much more to Austin Powers than to 007

  4. Non! Non! Non! Inscrivez-vous ma petition au: jean-du-jardin-n’est-pas-hubert-bonisseur-de-la-bath.co.fr! 😉

    The Dujardin movies are decent fun, and he’s perfect, not just an extremely adept comedian, but he looks the part as well. ‘Cairo: Nest of Spies’ also has a camera gag which was just about the funniest thing I saw that year, in among some other stuff I could take or leave. ‘Lost in Rio’ is a little broader, but still passes the time amusingly enough. I think they should leave it at that, however: I’m not convinced that there’s enough comic mileage left in the character for a third instalment.

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