Daily Mirror reports Bond 23 `canned’ because of MGM financial ills

The Daily Mirror newspaper in the U.K. in a July 2 story is reporting that BOND 23 HAS BEEN CANCELED OR, AS THE PAPER PUT IT, CANNED. Here’s an excerpt:

The new James Bond film, due for release by 2012, has been canned due to a cash crisis.
(I)t has confirmed the movie has been axed –- and it could be years before the secret agent with a licence to kill is back on the big screen.

The confirmation comes from a “glum insider,” not identified by name or title by the newspaper. Eon Productions said in April it was suspending development of the film, citing financial uncertainty at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., which owns half of the 007 franchise.

The Daily Mirror quotes a new statement from Eon that simply says the production company doesn’t know when work will resume and won’t comment further. The “cash crisis” referred to in the excerpt is MGM’s, still coping with a large debt load and an uncertain future.

Note: we first spotted this on the MI6 fan Web siteand you can read that summary, which cuts and pastes from much of the original article by CLICKING HERE. Or if you missed the link to the original article above, YOU CAN CLICK HERE.

5 Responses

  1. I was afraid this was going to happen. Sad day for Bond fans.

  2. It would be a rather natural conclusion to the MGM crisis I’d say .
    Sweep the plate clean and start anew when everything will be back to normal…

    See the coment I wrote myself : http://ourmanfrombondstreet.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

  3. Must be a slow news day if the Mirror is reporting news that dates back some 10 weeks or so.

  4. When a UK tabloid like the Mirror quotes an anonymous ‘insider’ in an entertainment story, you can be 99% certain the quote is fabricated, and the quote from EON merely confirms there’s been no progress since last time we heard. There’s no new information in this story whatsoever, so I wouldn’t pay it much attention.

  5. PS please note who’s used the words ‘canned’ and ‘cancelled’. Not EON, not MGM, not anyone remotely connected with the production – just the Mirror itself.

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