Recommended 007 reading

For fans of the literary James Bond, a 2006 book is still available that amplifies the original 007 novels and short stories by Ian Fleming.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond: Annotations and Chronologies for Ian Fleming’s Bond Stories provides the following, according to the Web page for the book:

•Each novel is analyzed and includes a glossary and a detailed chronology of events with annotations. The glossaries have translations of foreign terms, annotations, and other information of interest.

• Maps have been created for many of the novels along with in-depth information concerning specific topics such as, the Moonraker bridge game and the Goldfinger golf game.

•The sections covering the novels and short stories are presented in chronological order based on the analysis in the Overview for the creation of a high level chronology and a high level crosscheck by sequence of the books as they were published.

There’s more in the book by John Griswold and you can view the book’s Web site by CLICKING RIGHT HERE. You can buy it at by CLICKING HERE.