By popular demand: some video of Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon

In our recent post on the 45th anniversary of The Wild, Wild West, a reader expressed disappointment we didn’t feature Ross Martin as ace Secret Service Agent Artemus Gordon more.

Well, here’s a video we hope lessens the disappointment. It’s a series of promos of CBS western shows of the mid- to late-1960s. Starting at the 3:50 mark, you can see two Wild, Wild West videos. The first is a preview of coming attractions for The Night of the Amnesiac, a third-season episode featuring Edward Asner as a typical WWW villain who, in this case, plans on killing plenty of people for the sheer sadistic fun of it.

Following that is a minute-long promo for WWW’s second season. It includes footage of Arty in various disguises, one of the character’s specialties. The music is by the underrated Richard Shores and is taken from The Night of the Eccentrics, the second-season premier episode.