Raymond Benson on Dave White Presents on Oct. 26

Wes Britton passed along this programming alert:

On Tuesday Oct 26, James Bond continuation novelist Raymond Benson will share insights behind his 007 books and short stories, especially those re-published in this year’s anthology, CHOICE OF WEAPONS. Also, editor Rob Weiner will discuss this summer’s new essay collection, JAMES BOND IN WORLD AND POPULAR CULTURE: THE FILMS ARE NOT ENOUGH.

Rounding out the action-adventure theme, actor Larry Manetti recalls his years as playboy club manager Rick Write on television’s MAGNUM P.I.

The 90-minute online radio program will premiere this special broadcast on Tues. Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific at www.KSAV.org.

On Oct. 27, this edition of Dave white Presents will become available for 24/7 download access at www.audioentertainment.org/dwp.

For a list of past James Bond features,including interviews with George Lazenby and Vic Flick, go to James Bond Files at www.spywise.net.

Hawaii Five-O’s 10th season coming out in December, includes 2 Bond women and the death of Chin Ho

The 10th season of the original Hawaii Five-O series is coming out on DVD on Dec. 14, according to TV Shows on DVD.com. The season includes guest star appearances by two “Bond Women,” the last acting performance of Stephen Boyd and the death of Chin Ho Kelly. The details:

Deep Cover, features Maud Adams as the head of a Soviet spy ring.

My Friend, the Enemy, has Luciana Paluzzi as an outgoing Italian journalist who keeps getting involved in a Five-O investigation.

Up the Rebels, guest starred Stephen Boyd as an Irish terrorist and aired after his 1977 death. It was also the season-opening episode.

A Death in the Family, the season’s finale episode has Chin Ho (Kam Fong) being killed while undercover.

We’re, of course, talking about the original 1968-1980 show (the 10th season was 1977-78) that starred Jack Lord, the original Felix Leiter. The new show, on CBS on Monday nights, is officially spelled Hawaii Five-0.