CBS to remake The Wild, Wild West, Deadline Web site says

CBS, having gotten a Hawaii Five-O remake off the ground, is looking to do a new version of The Wild, Wild West according to Nikki Finke’s Deadline Web site. Here’s the start of a story by NELLIE ANDREEVA.

EXCLUSIVE: In one of the highest-profile reboots this season, CBS is looking to revive the 1960s action-adventure Western The Wild Wild West with former CSI executive producer/co-showrunner Naren Shankar and Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore. The network is negotiating a deal for the project, which will be co-produced by CBS TV Studios, where Shankar is based with an overall deal, and Sony Pictures TV, where Moore is under an overall deal. The project originated at CBS TV Studios, which has the rights to the original series that ran on CBS from 1965-1969. (My new colleague Michael Ausiello broke the original story about the project when he was at EW and helped with this one too.)

The move by CBS comes not long after the 45th anniversary of the original version of The Wild, Wild West.

UPDATE: Here’s a fan-edited You Tube video that re-creates a second-season promo from the original series that starred Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. Copies of the original promo have been seen on You Tube but the original film version has deteriorated. This video seems to have virtually every shot from the original promo, with nice, sharp images. One change was to insert the title logo of the show’s main titles where the promo used a basic “Western” font. The music is by Richard Shores, taken from his score for the season-season opener, “The Night of the Eccentrics.”

3 Responses

  1. this is the best news about a remake i’ve heard i cant wait . i loved the original show . i hated the movie wiyh wil smith it was totally unrealistic , in that time a black man would never have held that position in a government espionage group . no racism intended .. just a fact of life then. wow so excited!!

  2. Can’t be worse than the Will Smith movie…Can it ?

  3. […] project surfaced in 2010. CBS has begun a new version of Hawaii Five-0 (it would eventually run 10 seasons). So the network […]

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