‘Being James Bond’ now available in paperback and Kindle

Being James Bond: Volume One – Pocket Edition has been released on Amazon.com in paperback and for Kindle editions.

It’s a guidebook on living more like 007 by mastering the same skills Bond has. The book serves as an instruction manual “for the reader to make James Bond’s knowledge and skills his own,” according to a press release by its publishers.

Being James Bond is the first volume in a series of eight, is a collection of eight instructional essays on the various abilities of James Bond. In addition to the introduction chapter, ‘Volume One’ explores such topics as playing Texas hold’em poker, learning to ski, traveling to London, drinks and mixology, horseback riding, bungee jumping and learning to fly an airplane.

You can CLICK HERE to order the paper edition on Amazon.com or CLICK HERE to order the Kindle edition.

Copies of Being James Bond: Volume One – Pocket Edition can also be ordered at Lulu.com at 20 percent off through Jan. 1 by CLICKING HERE. It’s also available from Lulu.com as a digital download BY CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Wuthout sounding too pedantic…Sir Kingsley Amis already covered all that in his wonderful Bill Tanner signed ‘ Little Guide of James Bond ‘

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