BBC makes its 007 archive available

The BBC has put up a James Bond archive on its Web site, featuring more than a dozen programs it has aired over the decades about the gentleman secret agent.

You can go to the James Bond Collection home page BY CLICKING HERE. Among the things you’ll find:

— A 1974 interview with Guy Hamilton, who directed four Bond films, including Goldfinger.

–Ian Fleming’s 1958 interview with Raymond Chandler, where the Philip Marlowe creator notes his character has gotten married while Fleming remarks that’ll never happen to 007.

–A 1995 program with Lois Maxwell, the original Miss Moneypenney, discussing the theme songs of James Bond.

There’s a lot more but be warned: the film presentations don’t seem to be available in the U.S. (and may not be available outside the U.K. at all), including a 1967 documentary about You Only Live Twice and a 1979 report on Moonraker.