Al Harrington makes cameo on new Hawaii Five-0

Al Harrington, one of the few surviving cast members of the original Hawaii Five-O, made a cameo appearance on the new Hawaii Five-0 on Jan. 3.

Harrington, who celebrated his 75th birthday last month, played Ben Kokua in the fifth through seventh seasons of the original show. He was also in earlier seasons, usually playing a thug or hitman. In the new show, he played somebody Steve McGarrett 2.0 knew from his youth as the intrepid detective sought to find his kidnapped sister.

You can catch some glimpes of Harrington in this promo for the fifth-season opener of the original show:

You can get a longer look at him here in what was probably his network TV debut, also on CBS on To Tell The Truth:

4 Responses

  1. Al Harrington is a wonderful performer as wel as an actor. My mother and I enjoyed his dinner show in Honolulu everytime we went to Oahu. She loved him! He’s a funny man. Would love to see him again.

  2. Al I had the pleasure of meetng you twice at your dinner show about
    25 yrs ago. You were a favorite of mine in Hawaii 50.
    I hope all is well with you.
    Best regards
    Don Greenidge 111 Lillywood Dr
    Cambridge Ontario Canada
    N1P 1H1

  3. Al, if you happen to see this post, I sure would love to hear from you. I worked for you at South Pacific Man Productions back in the early 80’s. Have lived in the SF Bar area ever since. Hope life is treating you well. Susan Franklin

  4. Met you in Vegas at Elvis show.You sat at table next to me and borrowed my pen to sign autographs. It was a fun night seeing you and Elvis. Love to hear if you remember it.

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