McGarrett 2.0 has first meeting with Wo Fat 2.0

The rebooted Hawaii Five-0 had an interesting moment at the end of the Jan. 3 episode, the first encounter between the revamped Steve McGarrett and new version Wo Fat.

Just to make sure the word is out, CBS uploaded a clip to YouTube. The new-look Wo Fat is part of a subplot that’s been running throughout the season and is now starting to build to a climax. The meeting occurs at the end of this clip:

CBS has been actively using YouTube to market the show and this is only the latest example. Also to boost the show, CBS has scheduled a new episode to air on Sunday, Jan. 23, the same night of the National Football League’s AFC championship game, according to a story on The game will probably be CBS’s high-rated sports broadcast of the year; Fox has the Super Bowl this year.

Meanwhile, the Hawaii Five-O Home Page (spelled with an O, like the original show; the new show spells it with a 0), an excellent, long-standing fan Web site, has a review of the Jan 3 episode which you can view BY CLICKING HERE.

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