007 cross dresses for equality for women

In the U.K., there’s a new video where Daniel Craig, playing James Bond, is told about gender equality by an unseen M (Judi Dench). As part of the spot, Bond dresses like a woman.

Here it is:

The reaction? Our guess is supporters will say that Bond has been enlisted in a worthy cause. This was one reaction to the video posted on YouTube: “I expected to get a laugh seeing Daniel Craig ‘in drag.’ Instead, I was mesmerized and sobered. I had no idea the gap between the sexes still loomed so large. ‘Equals’ is an excellent piece of work.”

The cons, we suspect, will be along the lines that the character has been emasculated in the spot.

Here’s an excerpt from GQ.com that has some details about the origins of the spot, including the participation of co-Eon Procutions boss Barbara Broccoli:

It’s Daniel Craig as you’ve never seen him before. The James Bond star and former GQ Man Of The Year faces arguably his toughest mission yet – fighting gender inequality in support of International Women’s Day. Shot by artist turned director Sam Taylor-Wood, scripted by Kick-Ass scribe Jane Goldman and overseen by 007 producer Barbara Broccoli, the stunning short was commissioned by the Annie Lennox-led charitable coalition Equals and boasts a creative team which frankly wouldn’t disgrace the 23rd instalment of the film franchise.

To view the Web site of We Are Equals, the group that put together the video, JUST CLICK HERE.

On some fan message boards some people have questioned whether Craig and Dench are actually playing Bond and M. They are. You can view a press release on the topic BY CLICKING HERE. An excerpt:

In the film ‘M’ interrogates Bond with a series of searching questions on gender issues, from pay inequality to domestic violence.

It’s not the first time a popular character has been enlisted in the cause for gender equality. Here’s a 1974 public service announcement featuring some of the cast of the 1960s Batman show. Burt Ward (Robin),Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) and William Dozier (narrator) reprise their roles while Dick Gautier, aka Get Smart’s Hymie the Robot, subs for Adam West:

5 Responses

  1. It’s Daniel Craig in drag, not James Bond. Yes, the tone is there, but it is not James Bond. I watched the movie Defiance last week. It starred Daniel Craig, an actor. James Bond was not there. Craig plays a well known macho character, so having him in drag is effective. But it’s not James Bond.

  2. In the first 10 seconds of the video Judi Dench (presumably in character as M) calls him “007.” Craig is playing James Bond in the video.

  3. Oops, I saw a version that did not include Craig being called “007”. As I have now seen that, I withdraw my comment.

  4. The Bond series has a history of commenting on social issues in the films themselves:
    – American deaths due to auto accidents in 1964 (Goldfinger)
    – Smoking in 1967 (YOLT)
    – The energy crisis in 1974 (TMWTGG)
    – Bond depicted as having less sexual partners in response to the AIDS crisis in the ’80’s (TLD)
    – Might you remember the 7-Up campaign in the ’90’s wherein the gun was removed from the famous Bond silhouette in the ads? It was supposedly in response to gun violence in America.

    I’m sure there are other examples.

    Any negative issue about this “Equals” ad is much ado about nothing.

  5. […] last week, marking actor Daniel Craig’s fourth film in the Bond role. He also played 007 IN A 2011 VIDEO for International Women’s Day produced by Eon Productions co-boss Barbara […]

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