New-look McGarrett and Wo Fat face off on Monday

CBS is using the NCAA men’s basketball tournament to promote a new Hawaii Five-0 episode on Monday in which the new-look versions of Steve McGarrett and Wo Fat have a meeting.

Wo Fat 2.0 has had two cameo appearances prior to this. CBS has been showing repeats the past few weeks as it tries to spread out its 22 first-season episodes for the television season. We’re guessing Wo Fat is behind a subplot that has featured throughout the season. Monday may provide clues whether we’re correct.

Here’s the first meeting of McGarrett and Wo Fat in the new series from earlier in the season:

UPDATE: No sign of Wo Fat after two commercial breaks, but we’re introduced the new-look (and new gender) Jonathan Kaye, who’s now Jenna Kaye. The new Kaye is just a CIA agent (rather than head of the spymaster in charge of the Pacific Rim). She wants McGarrett’s files into his father’s murder.

UPDATE II: Oops. Turns out Kaye is merely a CIA analyst who was trying to bluff McG. Mistake. Wo Fat shown in flashback.

UPDATE III: Kaye provides details on Wo Fat 2.0 who, we’re told, was “one of the good guys” and who U.S. intelligence officials believe is responsible for at least 23 deaths. Wo Fat also responsible for death of Kaye’s financee.

UPDATE IV: Wo Fat finally showed up in the last scene, after the episode’s main storyline was resolved. Wo Fat met McGarrett at a Chinese restaurant, McG had a gun under the table but had to let him go. “Don’t dig too deeply into your family’s past,” Wo Fat says, calling it a piece of “friendly advice.”

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