Hawaii Five-O season 11 (ex-spy edition) DVDs in the works

No release date is set yet, but a box set of season 11 of the original Hawaii Five-O is in the works and Amazon.com has begun accepting pre-orders, according to the TV Shows on DVD Web site.

Season 11, the next-to-last for the original Five-O, is something an ex-spy edition. Of course, you have the first screen Felix Leiter, series star Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. In addition, the second screen 007, George Lazenby, shows up in the season-ending two-hour episode that was filmed in Singapore. Also along for the ride are Robert Vaughn, the former Napoleon Solo, and Ross Martin, the former Artemus Gordon, who appeared in three Five-O episodes that season.

One concern for fans of the original show is a two-part story, Number One With a Bullet (aka the “disco episode”), which utilized a number of disco hits of the late 1970s. Studios sometimes get cheap when it comes to music clearance. So it’s possible the two parter gets hacked or the original songs get replaced with generic, cheaper ones. It’s one of the best stories that season and Martin appears in it as a Hawaiian crime boss.

One more note: the season-ending two-hour episode, where Lazenby appears, is also the final appearance of James MacArthur as detective Danny Williams in the show. To read reviews of 11th season episodes on Mike Quigley’s Hawaii Five-O Fan Page, JUST CLICK HERE.

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  1. AWESOME work on this site !!!!!
    Just found it on another insomniac bout and could probably finish the series or develop wicked eyestrain ( worth it ). I have got all the released seasons as released and awaiting 11 although it seems a little bit more space is between the last releases. If they are stretching this – why ? I’m pretty sure the biggest fans are. In the opinion that it’s a slippery slope of the show quality from at least 7 on down. Possible BS on the Bullet music. I remember ( I think, or dreamt ) that the “Can’t Have You” in the show was originally a hymn because she was a choir girl. Only saw the ep once. Anyway, Great Job, Great Page!!! I’ll sign on w/ address soon. Aloha, Bruddas!!!!

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