CBS promises better quality on remaining Five-O DVD sets

There’s still no official release date for the Hawaii Five-O season 11 DVD set, even though you can pre-order it on But CBS promises any remaining Five-O DVD sets (only two seasons are left) will have better quality than the season 10 set that came out last year.

The company commented on the Home Theater Forum and said the following:

CBS Home Entertainment appreciates its dedicated fan base and values consumers’ desires to communicate and share information about its properties. For the remaining seasons, we will make every effort to achieve the same quality standards of seasons 1 through 9. We look forward to your continued interest in “Hawaii Five-O.”

That was a reference how the season 10 set episodes were not digitally remastered, unlike the previous nine season sets. That in turn stirred a lot of negative consumer reaction such as’s customer reviews for the set.

Season 10 had both Maud Adams and Luciana Paluzzi as guest stars in episodes and thus was of some interest to 007 fans. The season 11 set has former Bond George Lazenby in the season’s final episode as well as participation by former TV spies Robert Vaughn and Ross Martin (the latter in three season 11 episodes). It’s also has James MacArthur’s final series appearance. Jack Lord’s McGarrett would go Danno-less in its 12th and final season.

(Also here’s a shoutout to Mike Quigley’s Hawaii Five-O fan page, which tracks all this quite closely. It’s also where we discovered what we linked above. That page says there are rumors the season 10 consumer reaction delayed the season 11 release, originally set for last month.)

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