CBS provides preview of Hawaii Five-0 season finale

CBS, which has been using YouTube as part of its Hawaii Five-0 marketing efforts all season long, uploaded a preview of the May 16 season finale. Wo Fat 2.0 frames McGarrett 2.0, an idea that evokes the plot of an episode of the original Five-O series called The Ninety-Second War.

In the clip CBS uploaded, McGarrett 2.0 is driving his father’s old Mercury, which just happens to be the same model driven by Jack Lord’s McGarrett in the original show. (The original series had Ford Motor Co. vehicles. CBS struck a deal with General Motors Co., which provides the bulk of cars for the new show.) McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is on the run and needs help:

One Response

  1. The Reason, I believe, the show is being canceled is because of the Poor Casting for Danny or Dan O. The last new show they aired was great because Danny had little or very limited part in the show. He rode his fathers coattails to get on this show. This could have been a great show but you really blew it with Danny. The other cast members do a good job but Danny sunk the show.

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