NPR interviews Jeffery Deaver about Carte Blanche

Over the weekend, NPR’s Scott Simon interviewed Jeffery Deaver on the network’s Weekend Edition Saturday about the author’s new James Bond novel, Carte Blanche. To check it out, you can JUST CLICK HERE. You can hear the audio and read a transcript of the interview.

The audio runs almost eight minutes. Subjects include a cocktail that Deaver invented for Bond in the novel.

One Response

  1. Sadly, a squandered opportunity here.

    Jeffery Deaver was great, as always. The more I hear (and read) him in interviews, the more impressed I am with his consistency in respect for Ian Fleming and James Bond fans, immersed in deep, genuine interest in the core material.

    But Scott Simon, who does the interview on behalf of NPR, made it all-but unlistenable for me. Simon trips all over himself, why? Trying to show that he knows Bond? That he’s gonna ask “the” question that’ll demonstrate how smart he is?

    If so, he accomplished none of that. Laughably, he doesn’t even rise to the level of snob, trying to connect with the unwashed readers of not-true-literature of 2011 (hmm, history repeating itself? the readers of Fleming’s day regarded similarly).

    Rather, he’s just a boor.

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