Hawaii Five-O season 11 DVDs go on sale Sept. 20, CBS says

CBS has started running ads saying the Hawaii Five-O season 11 DVD set will be out on Sept. 20. Here’s one of them:

For the ad, CBS uses the 1:30 version of Morton Stevens’s theme music from the 1968 TV movie pilot. Anyway, we we’ve noted before, season 11 includes appearances by one-time TV spies Robert Vaughn and Ross Martin as well as former James Bond George Lazenby. Star Jack Lord, of course, was also the first screen Felix Leiter.

Here’s the introduction (with German titles) for the first episode of season 11, “The Sleeper”:

UPDATE: Mike Quigley’s Five-O Home Page says, based on a version now available on Netflix, that one season 11 episode, The Execution File, has been stripped of a Rod Stewart song (presumably for music rights reasons). You can check out his report BY CLICKING HERE and scrolling down to the July 4 update. The Web site also has a comparison of the original and Netflix version that you can check out BY CLICKING HERE.

Quigley’s report says the two-part episode Number One With a Bullet, based on the Netflix version, does retain a number of disco songs. They’re actually important to the story, which is about a conflict between Hawaiian and Mainland gangsters for control over Hawaiian discos. Here’s the start of that story, once again with German titles and this time with German dialogue dubbed in.

UPDATE II: Mike Quigley’s site says the original disco music was DROPPED for Part II of Number One With a Bullet while retained for Part I. For details, just CLICK HERE.