Daniel Craig says Bond 23 will be a `classic Bond’

Daniel Craig, in an interview with Cowboys And Aliens director Jon Favreau, ventured into a few comments about Bond 23. Among them:

— “I read the script the other day and I’m more excited about this than Casino (Royale),” the actor said, “because we’ve got a classic Bond movie plus lots of other things.”

— Bond 23 director Sam Mendes “has a sort of fervor and energy to really direct a Bond movie with a capital ‘B.'” Mendes, Craig said, “has read every book and soaked up everything about it.”

Take a look for yourself:

In a different section of the interview, Craig tells Favreau what it was like to be cast as Bond in 2005:

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  1. Let me start by saying that this sort of “interview” style is a challenge for me to watch. I prefer it when questions are actually asked; and then, you know, actually answered. This strikes me as more of a promotional gig, as in, “hey, take a look at how enjoyable it is to watch these two guys get along as they chat ad hoc.”

    More to the point, I don’t make much of the “classic Bond” statement. It’s been proven to be utterly meaningless in practice.

    There’s no universal agreement as to what that even means. Worse still, I’ve found far too often that even in areas where there may be more or less a consensus, that goes right out the window the moment it conflicts with “creative license” (to put it kindly).

    Sadly, the one thing that really did strike me substantively here, and is perhaps the more salient headline, was the perception from within that so many creative elements of Bond have been done, are commonplace, the whole “winking at your own wink” thing. I’m sorry to see that thinking perpetuate and entrench – particularly when you see, to this day, so many non-Bond films prove there’s a great deal more that can be done with such things, bigger and better.

  2. I’ll believe this when I see it – the track record of messrs Broccoli and Wilson these past 15 or so years is not good; Casino Royale was the exception to the rule, an aberration to be sure, but when you look at all the rest – and the nadir being Quantum – the message is all-too-clear: They Don’t Know What They’re Doing.

  3. Well he going to do it

  4. i liked the more serious Bond like CR well filmed and edited , unlike QOS, ” classic bond” to me is like Goldfinger,but hopefully they wont go down the silly route again, i like to see Bond be clever and use his wits in Bond 23 . Craigs hair looks good in this interview, he should keep that style for Bond 23

  5. I’ve been there from the Genesis of James Bond…Sean Connery, who is ” James Bond “, in Dr. No…thru..From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, even, On Your Majesty’s Secret Service..with George Lazenby..Who was rather good at the part, but let is ego get in the way..and ruined it, for him, anyway…
    Bond, as Fleming wrote him, was not a Saint by no means. He hard a dark side to him, a killer. He was in no way like anything that Roger Moore played out….Moore was nice..Bond is not nice..He’s cold hearted..!!! Sinister..!! He had many faults..As Connery acted it out…
    And for the next 20 or so years…Bond was weak..was not a killer…
    The character died…The remaining actors played a very weak Bond, with too many toys..and to little character….But, along comes a Blond haired Daniel Craig…and we have an english version of Steve McQueen…Saying little ..but acting….AND WE HAVE THE REBIRTH OF JAMES BOND….So, after almost 36 years…we have a story to continue…Thank You….You were missed for so long..I was beginning to have doubts about it ever returning….But Bond is Back..!!!!

  6. @ cliff: Would you say Moore was being nice when he kicked a car off a cliff? Or when he shot Stromberg in cold blood? Or when he used a trick deck of tarot cards to make Solitaire sleep with him?

    I thought so.

  7. The next bond film is perhaps the most crucially important production to carry the bond ‘franchise’ into the next decade with real credibility.
    Gone are the days of the nonsence gadgets thrown up by the likes of John Cleese to satisfy the eager appetite of techno heads , it is essential to stay away from a plot which is intertwined with too greater sence of levity . bond is now a totally different character , representing a more realistic force which is overlaid with occassional subtle humour and delivered in style and sophistication.
    I think Bond ,at present, stands on the edge of a precipice without a backup plan.The distater of Quantum of solice , which I really hope the director and cast now realise it was, must be learnt from , the plot needs a meatier context and less pointless speed editing to gain short term effect. In short I can watch Casino Royale over and over , simply there was so much within the film, But QOS was like a throw away take out in comparison , pointless fairly thoughtless and unoriginal, and to add to that the title music of Alicia Keys was the worst most unlistenable ever made, think of the classic theme tunes of the past and how it lies down in week surrender next to the like of for your eyes only or live & let die for eg.
    The production team have a real challenge on there hands, if they pull off another origionality of ‘Casino Royale ‘ style they will triumph, if they do otherwise , the hand of doom will slowly great them, what I will say is that in Daniel Craig they have the best , and they should not miss the opportuinity to capitalise on his believability and uniqueness.
    I await Bond 23 with real anticipation.

  8. not a great interview but full of fanboy randomness and quotability etc

  9. Adamomega…Yes…Moore was nice..even then..you could see his remorse…As if you was ready to say ” Sorry “…

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