Craig says Quantum of Solace may not have been that good

Daniel Craig has acknowledged that Quantum of Solace, well, may not have been the best James Bond movie.

At least this how he described it in an interview with the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph:

After a period of not doing it, Craig will soon be doing it again – a prospect he’s genuinely excited by: “The hiatus may prove to be a good thing, because I’m itching to have another crack at it, particularly after Quantum of Solace. We had to cobble that one together because it was made in the midst of the writers’ strike, and it had an effect on the finished product, no doubt.”

For readers of this blog, that’s not exactly shocking news. We wrote about how the 2008 James Bond movie doesn’t hold up well. Still, that hasn’t stopped fanboys from opining on 007 message boards that Quantum of Solace is a great triumph of the cinema and if people don’t like it, well, it’s their failing, not the film’s.

Will Craig’s comment cause fanboys to re-evaluate? Highly doubtful. Fanboys, once they’ve made up their minds, refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

In our opinion, Craig’s comments are pretty conservative. It’s easy to blame the writer’s strike of late 2007. That gives a pass to Quantum’s confusing editing and even more confusing logic. Quantum was supposed to take place shortly after 2006’s Casino Royale. But the 2008 sequel has multiple continuity gaffes.

And the gaffes aren’t little things. They’re big things such as Mathis was being interrogated at the end of Casino and Bond said MI6 needed to keep “sweating him.” Yet, in Quantum, we’re told MI6 has cleared Mathis and supposedly bought him a villa *mere minutes* after the end of Casino. Even if there had NEVER been a writer’s strike, Quanum was a big fat mess. Fanboys, though, refuse to accept that.

In any case, you can read the entire Telephgraph story BY CLICKING HERE.

UPDATE (AUG. 14) — Over on the MI6 James Bond fan Web site, there’s a THREAD ON THE DISCUSSIONS GROUP that reproduces a page of the Esquire story on Daniel Craig. This quote is part of that story:

Quantum of Solace, he says, was a difficult film to make. It was shot without a finished script because of a Hollywood writers’ strike, “which is never a good fucking thing, especially on a movie of that size.” The film “wasn’t as satisfying experience as I’d have liked it to have been.”

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  1. Glad to see at last I’m not alone in thinking QofS is probably one of the worst Bond movies ever produced in the entire history of the Franchise .

  2. @Kevin: Craig didn’t go that far. Still, it’s interesting to read his comments compared with those of his fanboys on message boards devoted to 007.

  3. Kevin — one of the worst???

    Agreed that it was a big disappointment coming on the heels of the brilliant Casino Royale, but it’s a reasonably efficient James Bond movie with some nice performances by its leading actors. For me, Renée Mathis’ death scene is worth the price of admission alone. Opinions always very, but that third-ring-of-hell “One of the Worst” judgments should be reserved for atrocities like DAF and AVTAK.

  4. @ Paul : yep I do stand by my earlier comment .
    I quite simply rank QofS the lowest Bond I’ve ever seen so far . Hysterical editing , stupid storyline , non existent Villain , incomprehensible Plot … You name it .
    Only positive point I saw in that movie : Craig’s acting …

  5. It’s going to be interesting late this year when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Diamonds Are Forever…

  6. I like DAF. 🙂 Yes, I know it has a lot of stupidity in it, but it does have some entertaining dialogue, particularly from Charles Gray. It has a good score, an excellent theme song, and of course, Connery, short tie be damned.

    As for MR, AVTAK and TMWTGG, they are in a sub-class of their own in the pantheon of bad Bonds. QOS is Citizen Kane in comparison.

  7. On D.A.F .
    Before everyone on the planet will think I’ve gone completely gaga , I must stress it’s the very first film a cousin & an uncle of mine took me to see at a Cinema in december 71 . Hence …(Very ) lasting impressions .
    For various reasons : first time I discovered Vegas in a movie ; hilarious double entendres by Manckiewitz ( ‘ It’s alimentary , Dr Leiter ‘ ) , some truly nasty sequences ( cremation scene ) – directly lifted from Ian Fleming ‘s dark senses of humour ; excellent Universal Export scenes …And a very tongue-in-cheek approach . To an 8 years old kid , that was something quite different from the usual Disney flicks I usually saw at the Movies at the times !

  8. Seems like all of this is an invitation to look back at the record. What was being said about Quantum of Solace at a time paralleling this one going into Bond 23? Then, as its release was immanent?

    By the very same people, of course.

  9. I love your main site and this blog for the most part. But. Please keep it clean. You are better than anti-fan boys rants. An anti-fan boy rant just smacks of fanboy. The reportage here is usually so spot on. Why muck it up with snarky stuff like this. Just give is the facts with your usual intelligent spin on it. No need to chastise uber fans. Even if their fervent views cloud their objectivity. Peace.

  10. I watch Die another day more than i watch QOS, Craig says the writers strike affected it??? No, Shoddy filming and blink-and-you-miss -it editing screwed it for fans

  11. IMHO there really isn’t a terrible or bad Bond film. Maybe a little disappointing because the film had a poorly written plot or character. Maybe it was over-the-top in its humor, but overall I really enjoy watching any Bond film. Quantum is very artistic yet its biggest problem is the fast cutting and crossing the axis shots. Forster has some brilliant scenes and the real reason the film does not suffer completely is Craig’s acting. He is unpredictable as Bond and that is why we keep watching a rather dull Bond adventure. The plot is superfluous and one wonders why an international terrorist group called Quantum would waste time and money with Greene Planet and hording a third world country’s water supply. But I digress and admit that I enjoy QoS only for the acting.

  12. […] contradictory statements about Tomorrow Never Dies). But it is interesting that Craig continues to call Quantum a disappointment, something that began this […]

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