007’s new foe: social media

James Bond has a real-life opponent, it would seem, in Bond 23: the forces of social media.

Apparently, according to a short story ON THE MI6 JAMES BOND FAN WEB SITE, an actress named Lu Corfield DID SOME TWEETS while at Pinewood Studios while doing some work as an extra on the film. She reportedly deleted some of the tweets, including one that had a photo of a sign that began, “BOND 23 THIS IS A CLOSED SET.”

While it’s off her Twitter page, the image has made it around the Internet. You can CLICK HERE to see it, assuming it has been taken down by the time you try to view it. It’s not that great a picture, but judge for yourself.

Other of Ms. Cofirld’s Tweets remain, such as this one:

Lu Corfield

And the answer is, of course, that I’m at @PinewoodStudios – had a lovely afternoon, pretending to be a scary dead lady. #ilovemyjob

Meanwhile another extra named David Elliott, tweeted to a link of A PHOTO OF THE EXTERIOR OF PINEWOOD’S 007 STAGE.

None of what comes out is all that startling (or really show much to do with the upcoming production). Still, for Eon Productions, which hasn’t embraced social media for marketing purposes, it’s probably not that comfortable. We’re reminded of a line from, well, a James Bond movie: “It’s called the future, so get used to it.”

(For a different take, you can view a brief story at THE BOND 23.NET SITE

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