Bond gives in; 007 joins social network world

If you can beat ’em, join ’em. After some photos and information about Bond 23 got out via Twitter, agent 007 has joined the social network world.

According to WE ARE MOVIE GEEKS, there are an official James Bond Facebook page and an official James Bond Twitter page. Not much on the Facebook page, though there are some logos and it’s already busy getting postings from Facebook users. There were Tweets yet as of late Wednesday, and the page didn’t have any images yet.

UPDATE: The 007 Twitter page has been updated, appears to be official with an avatar of the gunbarrel logo. Text of first Tweet:

007 James Bond
Good morning Bond fans, welcome to @007. We’ll be back shortly tweeting live from the production press conference…

Back in THIS POST, we had a line that said, “Bond movies are still being marketed as if they’re the biggest thing in cinema, something that, truth be told, hasn’t been true since 1965. It might be time for Eon to update its marketing plans.” We got one reply that included this line: “EON usually helds a press conference when the filming of a Bond movie starts. That is more than enough so early in the production.”

We don’t claim Eon listened to us. But evidently, 007 is getting an updated marketing plan.

4 Responses

  1. Is the @007 official? It only has the twitter egg for an avatar.

  2. @Shelby: Good point. The Facebook page has some images but, as you note, the Twitter page only has the Twitter egg for an avatar.

  3. I think the FB page is real. It has a slick entry point and info. It looks like most of the entertainment/motion picture Facebook pages. Thanks for posting these however. I spent some time poking around the FB page looking at other Bond info.

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