Two companies that provided 007 rides facing tough times

Two automakers that provided James Bond his ride at various times are facing tough times.

Earlier this month, Saab Automobile of Sweden of Sweden filed for bankruptcy and may be broken up. Author John Gardner depicted Bond using a Saab when he began his run of continuation novels in 1981 with Licence Renewed.

Meanwhile, Lotus may be put up for sale after 15 years of unprofitable ownership by Malaysia’s Proton Holdings. Lotus appeared in two 007 films, most famously in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me, when a Lotus converted into a submarine car. Lotus also appeared in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only, including one depicted as exploding when a thug (Bond stunt arranger Bob Simmons) tried to break into it.

One Response

  1. Lotus was worthy of Bond.

    But author John Gardner should never have stuck James Bond in a Saab 4-dr sedan. The image is just wrong, despite the 900 sedan being a turbo. That’s just not enough.

    Vintage Bentley? Yes
    Aston Martin DB3, and DB5? Certainly.
    Lotus Esprit? Quite right.

    All quite expensive, high-profile, exotic machines.

    The Saab is none of those. The fact Gardner put Bond in it is just one clue among many that he didn’t understand the James Bond character, or the special world of his adventures.


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