Another Web site, Movieweb, says it knows Skyfall’s plot

SPOILER WARNING: Stop reading now if you don’t want to know.

Movieweb, saying it got the information from “an insider” at Eon Productions, says it knows at least part of the plot of Skyfall, the new James Bond film. You can read that story BY CLICKING HERE. The story quotes the Eon insider as saying Ralph Fiennes character will become the new M, replacing the character played by Judi Dench. Here’s how Movieweb quotes the Eon “insider”:

“Skyfall centers around M (Judi Dench) where her past forces her to leave as head of MI6, and find a new M. The board of MI6 then turns to a government agent (Ralph Fiennes) to take over. M (Dame Judi) is now forced to train the new head of MI6.”

This report comes after a Jan. 1 story in the U.K. Daily Record where Fiennes says “I’m allowed to say that I’m a government agent,” without providing any more details.

It also comes after after a short Jan. 1 story on Ain’t It Cool News saying the plot revolves around “a downed intel satellite and the scrambling of various government agencies to retrieve it.”

It remains to be seen how accurate either report is.