Craig to lighten up a bit in Skyfall, ShowbizSpy says

Daniel Craig’s James Bond will be a bit lighter in Skyfall compared with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, the ShowbizSpy Web site says, citing an unidentified “Bond insider.”

Here’s an excerpt quoting that “insider”:

“Daniel’s Bond will remain darker and harder than before but he will lighten up a little. It’s been agreed that there needs to be an injection of humor so there will be one or two quips and visual gags for the Bond fans.”

First there’s the usual caveat whether it remains to be seen whether any of this true. *If* it is, there’s a potential risk. Fans of Craig/Bond say they like “grim, gritty, this-isn’t-your-father’s James Bond.” Would a move to lighten up Skyfall alienate that fan base? Meanwhile, would Craig/Bond detractors be appeased? Or would they look at it as putting lipstick on a pig?

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  1. As long as Daniel Craig stays well away from clown outfits and gorilla suits he should come through okay!

  2. Would it be inappropriate to add “ceasing to dress in drag” as well here?

  3. I think there is room for a big epic Bond like Thunderball and You Only Live Twice without Daniel Craig compromising the way he portrays Bond or moving into Austin Powers territory. I think the whole Austin Powers thing has really stymied EON to go down that route. Forget it and go for it. I want a grand lush Bond again.

  4. How do you remain ‘darker and harder than before’ but lighten up. Should that not read just ‘less darker and harder’. Seems to be some sort of conflict there.
    No matter, the Craig-lemmings will follow him off any cliff he wanders near and praise him highly on the way down.

  5. As the so-called “banned” commentaries have again come up in focus for me here, Gary, I’m gonna guess that the point is reconciled by taking the first couple of films as models. Or at least how they are perceived to have been. In other words, the harder reality of killing the bad guy, then delivering his body in a car with a light comment.

    That said, I wholeheartedly agree with your last comment about lemmings. While it may not be 100% Daniel Craig’s responsibility for the radical direction that the James Bond films have taken last two times out, there’s something curious about how his name has become at once icon and loyalty test for any critique on the “new and improved 007.”

  6. @ Graham: You forgot to mention refraining from Tarzan yells! Ironically, one of Moore’s better moments in his tenure was when he dressed as a clown, IMHO.

    As a Craig Lemming, I thought CR struck exactly the right balance in the humor department. Several years ago, I wrote a satire interview with Michael Wilson where he said he wanted to get back to the “iconic humor of the Moore films, as in Moonraker and Live and Let Die.” Thankfully, I do not see that happening. They do need to lighten things up a bit from QOS. And leave out the shaky cam/bizarre editing.

  7. I like the new James Bond and seriously hope he doesn’t become jaded Sean Connery and all the others in one fell swoop. Yes, to keep the story line that is inevitable, but I saw a site saying they were considering him for another 5 JB movies. YES!!
    Three of the best scenes in Casino Royale are with Vesper on the train, in the cab on the way to the hotel, and also the dinner after winning the poker game.where he was a bit witty, actually smiled and gave a little laugh. And although he doesn’t get to the smiling in Quantam of Solace, when he is coaching Camille on shooting her prey, it feels like he actually cares about her, sharing what he has learned in his short time of being an OO. This is in contrast to his “one drink” with Solange, only to use her to find out what her husband’s connection with the bomb maker was. He was cool there in a potentially very hot situation. We certainly know he has the dark, serious down pat. What’s the matter with JB being a human? This isn’t Robocop. Let him show us a bit more of his non-007 persona.

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