Hey! How about a nice James Bond punch?

A couple of weeks ago, we received a note from reader Katina Solomon, who works with the Zen College Life website. She was alerting us to an article they had just published, of interest to film buffs in general, and (she suggested,) James Bond movie fans in particular: 10 Best On-Screen Punches.

By way of a thesis, the article begins:

The on-screen “fight scene” has been an important part of movies since they first began. For the actor, delivering a punch or getting punched means no bruised knuckles, no bloody nose, and no searching for lost teeth. He or she gets to look tough while the audience vicariously enjoys the completely staged donnybrook.

Interesting stuff indeed. We highly recommend your taking the time to read it. Sadly — and weirdly enough — there are no mentions of any James Bond moments in this top 10 list. Okay, fair enough… but it got us to thinking.

The James Bond film series is justifiably famous for its numerous mano-a-mano fight scenes. 007’s battle with Red Grant aboard The Orient Express; his Fort Knox beatdown with Odd Job; the fisticuffs in the

Something like this, from Thunderball

Alpine bell shed; his bareknuckled showdown with former 006 Alec Trevalyan; the brutal mêlée in the Casino Royale’s staircase; etc., etc., etc. But what about individual punches? The haymaker? The left hook? The right jab? The one-shot-take-’em-out wallop? The POW! … The BIFF! … The BAM! …?

What are Bond’s best?

We don’t know. (Although HMSS co-publisher Tom Zielinski suggested the gut punch 007 delivered to Felix Leiter in Thunderball, but we think that’s mostly due to Tom just wanting to see Bond hit Felix.) So we thought we’d enlist our readers to compile a list. Put your nominations in the Comments section below, and let’s see how many we all can come up with.

One caveat: Roger Moore’s Bond hitting Jaws in his steel kisser — for the second or third time! — does not count as a “best” punch. Sorry… our rules. Outside of that, have at it!

4 Responses

  1. It is hard to beat the Red Grant scene, but I think the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service fights are tops. The elevator fight from Diamonds Are Forever is a gem because it surprised me. Craigs fight in the mens room from Casino Royale was a good way to bring Bond back after years of hiatus. Brosnan’s fight with Sean Bean at the end of GoldenEye was packed with emotion … His fight with Xenia Onatop does other things to me.

  2. My nomination for the best Bond Punch:

    Pour a gallon of fruit juice into a large bowl. Stir in a quart of vodka. Add two scoops of James Bond. Garnish with Pussy Gallore. Shaken, not stirred.

    Best damned Bond Punch you’ll ever drink!


  3. For a single punch — as opposed to an extended fight scene such as the Orient Express battle with Red Grant — I think the scene with the driver in Dr No that you have pictured at the top of the page takes the best punch honors. Note the look of absolute commitment on Connery’s face and the drawn back fist that makes you know this one’s gonna hurt.

  4. Sean Connery in Thunderball hitting Colonel Jacques Bouvar across the room is a definite. Lazenby taking out the Piz Gloria receptionist with the elevator door and a couple bone crushing hits in OHMSS. Roger Moore in AVTAK sending back several yards a Zoran employee after checking to see if his rear end truck is on fire. Timothy Dalton taking out Gogol’s bodyguard (apology accepted if you missed it and were glued to Virginia Hey’s talented parts on screen right) in TLD. Pierce Brosnan’s upper cut into a Russian soldier’s chin as he excretes on a porceline throne in GE. Daniel Craig has not shown us a single hit but rather a sequence of multiple hits. However, my choice goes to the motorcycle assassin in QoS where Craig flips the guy upside down and then steals the bike.

    Runner ups: Connery knocking out the guard delivering a box on Largo’s Palmyra island in NSNA and Peter Sellers clobbering the airport receptionist in CR67.

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