IMDB poster “Liz” says she’s seen rough cut of Skyfall trailer

Hoax or genuine? On the message boards of, a poster calling themselves “Liz” claims to have seen “a very rough cut of the Skyfall Teaser trailer.”

We’ll get to the caveats in a moment. First, you can view the very long post from “Liz’ by CLICKING HERE. A few excerpts:

Will the description by Liz prove as accurate as the Fusible post that Skyfall would be the title?

The first shot of the trailer, besides the opening logo’s is a really dark shot of a tall office building. I think it was China but I’m not too sure. There was a voice over from Ralph Fiennes (Love that guys voice) talking about the cold war, and it’s repercussions within MI6. This was followed by what I think was a gas attack, people were running and screaming and collapsing. Then the whole friggen set just blew up! Judi Dench appeared. She looked really old and it is revealed that she and Fiennes character are talking. Fiennes says that he’s lost too many agents in the attack (Which I assumed was before), and he needs someone to overlook the case, and find it’s source. M mentions that she has an agent in mind, or something to that degree, but he’s resigned, and they’re unable to track him down. Fiennes says that he has to be found and brought back to duty.


Daniel Craig looks awesome! Very cold eyes, brutal. There was one shot where everyone gasped, because it felt so real and brutal. Bond is overpowered and captured, and the next shot has Bond walking into what I assumed was his apartment. M’s standing there, and she apologises for the force she used to bring him to her. Bond says that he’s pretty much finished with the service. He’s seen loads of disturbing things and he doesn’t want to relive them. He then talks about the attacks, and M says something about her life being in danger, and Bond is the only person she trusts. She then goes on to tell him that the government is starting to collapse, and its being invaded by enemy agents.

We were debating whether to comment but information about the IMDB post is spreading. was either the first, or one of the first fan Web sites to write about it and noted IMDB’s accuracy is an issue. Also, The James Bond Dossier, in its post on the subject, raised another caveat, namely how would a media studies student get a chance to see this rough cut considering all the secrecy surrounding Skyfall (i.e. refusing to provide the name of some characters).

Regarding IMDB: It’s like Wikipedia and relies on users to input information on credits. Some users are really careful. Others will insert mistakes in things such as plot summaries. And this appeared in the message boards of IMDB, which are just like any other Internet message board. It really is caveat emptor regarding the accuracy of information.

On the other hand, solid information sometimes comes out unexpectedly. The Fusible Web site first reported the movie’s title would be Skyfall after finding various domain names that were registered in October.

If “Liz” is accurate, The James Bond Dossier points out that Bond quitting MI6 isn’t consistent with the end of Quantum of Solace. Here’s something else to consider (again if Liz is right): This doesn’t sound like it has the “magical Goldfinger feel” that Michael G. Wilson, co-boss of Eon Productions, promised in a December interview, nor other reports that Skyfall would lighten up compared with Quantum. We’ll see in a few months when the teaser trailer comes out.

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  2. No uncertainty here as far as I’m concerned.

    Just when I thought the Skyfall rumor mill couldn’t sink any lower than the hoax that hooked so many fanboys into seriously discussing whether or not Omega was custom designing a James Bond watch to perfectly match Daniel Craig’s (don’cha know? Oh, so dreamy!) eyes, this bit of idiocy appears.

    Debate it on that level – ie, how desperate are we for content to discuss? – if you must. But is it in any way credible? No way.

  3. Most likely a hoax but an intriquing one none the less.

  4. Here’s a true story. One of our staff was living in Birmingham, Alabama, at the time Bear Bryant had stepped down as University of Alabama football coach. He went to a newsstand. The clerk was talking to anybody who’d listen how Ray Perkins, the coach of the NFL New York Giants, was going to be hired as the new ‘Bama coach. The clerk said his boss knew people at the university who told him this.

    Pretty outrageous, right? A few days later, that’s what happened.

    The “Liz” post on IMDB may have a 99 44/100th percent chance of being wrong or a hoax. But sometimes actual news comes totally out of left field.

  5. Thanks for the credit. I agree it’s unlikely to be true and that there are several indicators that it is a hoax.

    However, there is just enough doubt in my mind that there may be something to it; time will tell.

    For Quantum the first trailer was released in July; for Casino Royale, it was in May, so it is perhaps a little early for them to release anything yet anyway.

  6. […] Meanwhile, bear in mind, that another, calling herself Liz, earlier this year posted a description that, in retrospect, didn’t sound that close to the teaser trailer that emerged in May. […]

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