John Barry’s score for The Ipcress File on sale from SAE

John Barry’s score for The Ipcress File is available for sale on the Web site of Screen Archives Entertainment.

Barry was one of several crew members of James Bond movies hired by producer Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli’s partner in making the 007 films, to work on Ipcress. Others included production designer Ken Adam, art director Peter Murton and editor Peter Hunt.

The 1965 film and its two sequels, Funeral in Berlin and Billion Dollar brain, were based on novels by Len Deighton, who also was involved for a time in scripting From Russia With Love. Michael Caine starred as Harry Palmer (whose character was unnamed in the books), a sort of anti-Bond. All three films in the series had some Bond crew members on them. Barry didn’t work on any other film in the series.

You can CLICK HERE for more information or to order. The price is $15.95.

6 Responses

  1. Why re-issue if you’re not going to improve upon what’s already available?

  2. I wish the “Ipcress File” was out on DVD.

  3. If you don’t own it you are missing a genuine original classic from the alternate spy sound created by Barry for the 60’s replete with Hungarian cymbalom. (Actually, the cymbalom player hired could not read music and a guitar with a rigged amp was played in its place!)

  4. Notice the two CD set for CR1967 is #2 on their bestseller list of the week! (contains the full score found in archives as opposed to the re-release several years ago).

  5. It’s not an SAE re-issue, it’s Silva Screen’s release from several years ago that has found its way onto SAE’s new release sheet, for some reason. Still a great score, of course!

  6. @geoffers007: Duly noted and the post has been altered to reflect that.

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