Skyfall character names surface on call sheets (SPOILERS)

Skyfall call sheets, which were sold on eBay, continue to surface, providing more information about the 23rd James Bond film. This time, the names of Skyfall’s characters became available as part of the material.

STOP READING RIGHT NOW if you don’t want to know anything.

At the 007 Collector Web site photos of Skyfall call sheets, originally issued during filming last month in the U.K. appeared on March 13. They’re not as easy to read as the images of the call sheets that briefly ran on the James Bond Brasil site last week before that site was forced to take them down.

In addition, one of the pictures of the call sheets and related materials had — before the Web site took it down, also on March 13 — a list of Skyfall’s characters beyond those mentioned for the specific scenes being shot that day. There are no actors listed. In order, that list is: 1) James Bond 2) M 3) Raoul Silva 4) Gareth Mallory 5) Eve 6) Severine 7) Kincade 8) B 9) Bill Tanner 10) Patrice 11) Doctor Hall 12) Clair Dowar, MP 13) Inquiry Member #1 14) Vanessa (M’s Asst.) 15. Whitehall Police Guard #1 16) Shanghai Bartender 17) Floating Dragon Cashier 18) Mallory’s Office Assistant

There are others beyond that, but some numbers are skipped. Anong the others are B’s Assistant, Silva’s Isolation Guard, three bodyguards for Severine, two Vauxhall Bridge guards, three more inquiry members and three MI-6 Techies (i.e. MI-6 Techie #1, etc.)

There’s no Q, even though actor Ben Whishaw’s agent told the BBC that Whishaw was playing Q. No mention of Moneypenny nor any mention of Ernst Stavro Blofeld despite teasing by Skyfall scribe John Logan that a rebooted Blofeld would be the villain.

Does that mean Q, Moneypenny and Blofeld aren’t in the movie? Who knows? B conceivably could be the Q character (B stands for Boothroyd?). The three MI-6 “techies” hint there could be some kind of gadgetmaster character. Or maybe B is Blofeld? Plus, there were those stories in the U.K.’s Daily Mail that Naomie Harris’s Eve character would be revealed as Moneypenny.

One other question: Does having M listed second mean that Judi Dench will be the top-ranked actor in the main titles after the title? (With Daniel Craig as Bond in the customary spot before the title.) Given the role of M in the story — the Skyfall press release in November practically makes it sound as if the plot revolves around M as much as Bond — means that’s possible.

Meanwhile, the character list is consistent with call sheet information that the James Bond Brasil site disclosed. It said that Javier Bardem’s villain was named Silva. This newest piece of the puzzle now provides a full name. Still, there’s plenty of mystery; the call sheets and related material don’t seem to provide any information on the characters being played by Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney