Telegraph describes a Skyfall scene being filmed (SPOILER)

No spoiler in the post itself but we link to one.

From the Telegraph: "'There is a swimming pool scene ...any opportunity to get him to take his clothes off,' producer Barbara Broccoli says."

The Telegraph newspaper in Australia has an APRIL 15 STORY that, besides featuring interviews with Skyfall cast members, opens with a five-paragraph anecdote describing a key scene being filmed.

It includes a quick exchange of lines between Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Javier Bardem’s villain Silva. Click on the above link if you want to read it. It’s related to the video that was shown in the recent ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT STORY story about the film.

There’s also this tidbit from the story about the Sam Mendes-directed movie:

Taking a more serious tone, Craig says though there would be plenty of action in the film, it would also take its audience on an emotional journey. So what could the cast and crew reveal? Well, it is in fact Bond who strips, again. “There is a swimming pool scene …any opportunity to get him to take his clothes off,” producer Barbara Broccoli says.

Also, here’s a tip of the cap to the BOND AND BEYOND MESSAGE BOARD where we first saw this.

UPDATE: On April 13, MTV had ANOTHER STORY ON ITS WEB SITE that based on its recent interview with Craig. Here’s an excerpt that basically confirms Judi Dench’s M will have more 007 screen time than previously:

Going off on an adventure together.

Craig said Bond’s relationship with M is “a very important part of the film.” “There’s also the very important relationship he has with the bad guy in the movie [Silva, played by Javier Bardem]. We got Javier to come and do that, which gives the film a richer content, but his relationship with M, they are very close and they basically go on an adventure together, she gets out in the field. Judi, she’ll tell you she usually films most of her stuff in the studio like this while we are all off in some wonderful location and she gets to come with us this time.” (emphasis added)