Craig and Broccoli say no schedule set for Bond 24

Skyfall’s producer and star suggest a Sony executive was “a little overexcited.”

Daniel Craig and Barbara Broccoli, IN AN INTERVIEW WITH COLLIDER.COM LAST WEEK, said there isn’t a firm schedule for Bond 24.

Here’s an excerpt:

(Question:) Last week Rory (Bruer), the president of distribution of Sony, announced Bond 24 for I guess late 2014…

Broccoli: He was getting a little overexcited (laughs). We’re just actually focusing on this movie. One hopes that in the future we’ll be announcing other films, but no one’s officially announced it.

Craig: No one’s announced anything. He got a little ahead of himself (laughs). It’s very nice that he has the confidence to be able to do that, but we haven’t finished this movie (Skyfall) yet.

Two things we’ve noted before: Sony wants Bond 24 to come out in 2014 and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has said it wants the Bond series to resume an every-other-year schedule. But Eon Productions owns half the franchise, and nobody other than Eon can produce a Bond movie as long as that’s the case.

On the other hand, variations of the line “nothing’s been announced” are meaningless. Announcements come at the end of the process. Craig and Broccoli said it hadn’t been officially announced that Ben Whishaw would be playing Q, or a similar character, in Skyfall. Then, around the same time, director Sam Mendes TOLD THE U.K. SUN NEWSPAPER that’s exactly what happened and that it was all his idea.

Our guess, and it’s only a guess: Don’t expect Skyfall Bond 24 until 2015. To have Bond 24 ready in two years after Skyfall, at least some work on a story should be underway by this fall. Maybe it has, or will, start by that time and nothing has been “officially announced.” On the other hand, Eon isn’t known for multitasking. Anyway, we shall see what we shall see.

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  1. First, Eon does not own half of the Bond series, they only own 49%. This is important since MGM aquired the other 51% from UA in 1981. Remember in 1975, Harry Saltzman was forced to sell his half plus Cubby had to offer 1% of his to get out of a serious debt. After Heaven’s Gate crushed United Artists, MGM acquired the 51% of the Bond series and forced Cubby into a ‘fixed’ budget for the next 8 years.

    MGM can still push Eon into doing a Bond movie by 2014 but the big problem is whether a good script and location scouting can be completed by the end of 2013. Just because a script has been approved does not mean it is a good one. This is probably the main reason why the Brosnan films seem so shallow in story and character development.

    Second, In the old days with Cubby Broccoli, Eon was always multi-tasking. How can a production company make a movie every year until 1965 unless there were boots on the ground making things happen. The same can be said when they were making them every two years. Unfortunately, since there is no original story from Fleming available and the Cold War has shifted to cyberspace, Bond needs to be updated and re-evaluated and this slows down the script since so many people involved must approve it before they throw money at it.

    My guess is that there will be a film in 2014, but not a very good one.

  2. “Don’t expect Skyfall until 2015.”

    Er, um, so it won’t be released this year?

  3. Michael G. Wilson has criticized the Gardner novels more than once publicly, including at the 1995 fan convention in New York just ahead of the GoldenEye premier.

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