Observations about Skyfall’s teaser poster

Skyfall’s teaser poster released May 17

Skyfall’s teaser poster was released May 17 on the official 007 Web site. Fans are debating whether they like it or not. Here are few observations:

James Bond walks into the gunbarrel: The poster plays a bit with the iconic James Bond gunbarrel logo as the Daniel Craig version of 007 walks “into” the gunbarrel. There’s a black “platform” that he appears to be walking on.

No tuxedo again:Craig/Bond wears a suit. Bond hasn’t worn a tuxedo in a poster since the main poster for 2006’s Casino Royale (albeit with an untied necktie). In this new version, Bond is wearing a neatly tied necktie. Bond wore a suit and tie in the second Quantum of Solace poster while having a suit without a tie in the final Quantum poster. Truth be told, the Bond tuxedo hasn’t been seen a lot in posters since 1987’s The Living Daylights. That tradition continues here.

Gunbarrel: classic or retro?: It looks closer to the Maurice Binder original than the more 3-D version that Daniel Kleinman created in Bond films from 1995 to 2002. But it’s hard to tell for sure.

No credits: There are no credits in this version. The final version, obviously, will have them. We raised the question in January whether director Sam Mendes will get a “vanity credit,” which no previous director has gotten in the series produced by Eon Productions. We guess the odds are against it (thought not as much as previously). The answer will come another day.

Meanwhile, the official Web site promises that the teaser trailer will debut there on Monday, May 21.