Does BBC slideshow include 007’s patient file in Skyfall? NO

UPDATE II: We posed the question and a reader on Facebook points out the answer is no, it’s from The World is Not Enough.

Tipoff: Daniel Craig’s Bond was born April 13, 1968 (image of his U.K. passport, the next-to-last image), which is different than the date on the medical file image. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has images from the exhibit, which include a passport for Pierce Brosnan’s Bond (though with a cover identity), which says he was born May 6, 1960 (or 6th-May-1960, matching the medical file).

This week, the BBC’s Web site had A SLIDESHOW about the exhibition in London of James Bond props and costumes.

The last image of the 4:59 slideshow (narrated by Lindy Hemming, who has designed costumes for the Bond films and is co-curator of the exhibition) is a patient file for James Bond. It’s not specified, but based on the Skyfall teaser trailer, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is from the 23rd Eon 007 film. The trailer depicts a psychological evaluation of Daniel Craig’s Bond.

According to the image, Bond is patient number 0009/776/BOND1990. Besides having his 007 agent number, it also has code number 009110 and it’s file number 7 of 38. There’s also a part of the label that says:

MI6 H.Q. Medical Offices
ATV PLO 34/8/OK/353535000

If this is from Skyfall, no doubt some of this will show up in trivia contests.

UPDATE: The file also gives Bond a birth date of either May 6 or June 5. It says, “6.5.” followed by a year that begins with 6. Outside the U.S., dates are written 6-May-YEAR while in the U.S. the style would June 5, YEAR. That’s in the right margin, which cuts off the year. Actor Craig was born in 1968. Patient’s contact number starts out “09091-2” before it’s cut off. Bond’s religion is “unspecified.”

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  1. ” What sharp lil’ eyes you’ve got ! “

  2. Not sharp enough.

  3. Finally I’ve been able to view the BBC website on a something other than my iPhone.

    On the Casino Royale website if you look at Bond’s dossier (it’s all in Flash so I can’t post a direct link and difficult to describe how to find it) his date of birth is given as 13 April 1968 in West Berlin.

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