Ben Whishaw’s agent is proven correct

Official publicity still of Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall. Daniel Craig is in the background.

It turns out the agent of actor Ben Whishaw was right after all.

Eon Productions formally confirmed that Whishaw plays the MI6 gadget master in an announcement on Skyfall’s official Web site.

Whishaw was listed in Skyfall’s cast in early November but no specific role was mentioned. Then, in late November, the actor’s agent told the BBC that Whishaw had the Q role.

But things took a twist.

Call sheets from the film surfaced on eBay and Whishaw’s character was listed as “B” (for Boothroyd?). Was the agent misnformed? Or was this some misdirection on the part of the filmmakers?

In an interview published in April star Daniel Craig said, “Agents are liars,” when asked whether Whishaw was the new Q. The text of the interview indicated Craig laughed at that point, so it may have been a joke. Barbara Broccoli, Eon co-boss, in the same interview merely said nothing had been announced.

A few weeks later, in an interview published in May, Skyfall director Sam Mendes said that Whishaw, indeed, was playing Q. Mendes took credit for the idea.

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  2. […] remained unconfirmed. For example, Eon wouldn’t confirm that Whishaw was the new Q until July 2012, well after the actor had completed his work on the […]

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