Mendes teases Skyfall’s ending (no spoiler)

Skyfall director Sam Mendes, speaking in the latest video blog to promote the 23rd 007 movie, has teased the ending in a non-spoiler sort of way.

The video blog concerns how Skyfall brings back the Aston Martin DB5, a model first seen in 1964’s Goldfinger. Mendes says the following:

“There’s something about the last part of the movie, which is deliberately, very consciously, could have taken place in 1962.” The director also says that Skyfall “is about the old and the new.” Evidently, that’s one reason why the DB5 is being used, rather than a newer vintage Aston Martin. Anyway, you can see for yourself starting around the 0:45 mark.

Thanks for “Skyfall Fan” on Twitter for pointing out.