NBC’s Skyfall commercial online, with glimpse of Bardem

Silva’s brief appearance in Skyfall spot

A 30-second Skyfall spot aired during NBC’s broadcast of the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics and has been put up on the official 007.com Web site.

If you look really carefully, between the 21- and 22-second marks, there’s the barest glimpse of the face of Javier Bardem as Silva, the film’s villain, firing a weapon. It comes right after Daniel Craig as Bond says the line, “007 reporting for duty.” It appears Bardem is wearing the same blonde wig he was photographed in while shooting in London. In the teaser trailer released in May, only a silhouette of Bardem could be seen.

The shot may be included on the second Skyfall theatrical trailer, but we’ve only seen the now-removed bootleg copy on YouTube, so it’s hard to say. For all we know, it could have been up there when the mysterious “bearded guy” walked across the screen.

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