007 questions about the future of the film James Bond

“What? More questions?”

Some pretty big news week. The MI6 James Bond fan Web site said it had confirmed Daniel Craig would do two more 007 films after this year’s Skyfall. The Web site didn’t specify how it obtained the information, but it got picked up on other Web sites, including THIS ONE, THIS ONE and THIS ONE. Oh, and don’t forget THIS ONE. Even THE HUFFINGTON POST cited the MI6 story. (UPDATE: Nikki Finke’s Deadline entertainment news Web site said it CONFIRMED THE NEWS AND REPORTED THAT SONY WOULD CO-FINANCE BOND 25.)

Well, that got us to thinking and that, naturally, spurs us to ask these questions:

001. Which movie will be seen first: Bond 24 or Marvel’s The Avengers 2?: The Avengers has been the biggest hit of 2012 with $1.5 billion in worldwide ticket sales and Walt Disney Co. has already set a May 1, 2015, release date for a sequel. When will Bond 24 come out? Sony Corp. has said 2014 but Eon Productions co-boss Barbara Broccoli and star Daniel Craig have said NOT SO FAST.

002. If Bond 24 doesn’t come out in 2014, when will it come out? You’re guess is as good as ours. One of the main talking points of the Skyfall publicity campaign is the movie benefited from production delays (due to studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s bankruptcy) to fine tune the script. For an example, CLICK HERE. If so, would that be at odds with trying to restore the tradition every-other-year schedule that MGM and Sony Corp. (which is releasing Skyfall) want?

003. What are you trying to say? It’s one thing to say Daniel Craig will do two more films if the second is out in 2016. It’s another if the second is out in (for argument’s sake) 2020.

004. They won’t wait another four years to do Bond 24, will they? Let’s see if Eon co-boss Michael G. Wilson complains yet again about how exhausting it is to make James Bond movies. If a new set of Wilson quotes along this line surfaces late this year or in early 2013, it might be a sign that Bond 24 might not come out as soon as many fans would like. If that’s the case, when would Bond 25 come out?

005. Any possibility any more spoilers will come out before Skyfall’s premier? It depends whether the sountrack comes out before the film’s premier.

006. What does that mean? Well, Thunderball’s soundtrack came out in November 1965, a month before the “Biggest Bond of All” came out. One of the tracks was titled “Death of Fiona,” so that was a giveaway. Other titles on various 007 soundtracks included “Death of Grant,” “Death of Goldfinger” and “Death of Aki.” So a fan could get some clues if they purchase the soundtrack before the movie premiers.

007. Are you looking forward to Skyfall or not? Yes to the movie. Not so much to various talking points. It’s under 50 days before the U.K. premier and just over two months before the U.S. premier. Other than, say, seeing the final Skyfall trailer, we’d rather get on with it. In the end, it’s whether the movie is good or not.

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  1. Disney is cranking out these comic book films like linked sausages and that is more like Bond during the Brosnan years. I am glad that EON is not attempting to play catch up with Marvel or DC, they are really doing their own thing.

  2. “The Web site didn’t specify how it obtained the information.” I can tell you the answer to that one. They’ll have seen it in this month’s Esquire (the one with Craig on the cover) just like I did.

  3. I think the ‘Delay’ in filming SkyFall is a little over blown. 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the filmed Bond so there is no way EON would have passed up that milestone. There was talk back in 2008 that they (EON) wanted a 3 year break between films but that would have meant missing the 50th anniversary, so there were probably happy for the forced break.

    QoS did have to deal with a writers strike and it was the most traveled locations of any Bond to date. I think 3 year time spans is understandable and probably the model for the future.

  4. There had been other delays in Skyfall beyond the MGM financial mess:


  5. I’d be interest in the exact wording of the Esquire article. Cause there is a long standing misunderstanding created by former MGM head. In 2007 he said he singed Craig for “4 more movies” five total.
    In 2008 Craig has this to say
    “I did sign on for four so a piece of paper says there are two more to do,” the Daily Telegraph

    Latest talk was that Bond 24 he had the first option which also meant MGM had the right not to hire him back.
    “Bond 24 is also Craig’s first ‘optional’ film from his original contract, which like recent actors before him, was three films and the first refusal at a fourth.” -Guardian

    So unless a new contract was drawn up like there was in 2007 I suspect its Esquire getting it wrong.

    If he signed a new contract what are the details? He is getting £8 million for Skyfall, I guess £12 for Bond 24 (assuming the same £3 increase from Bond 22 to Bond 23), so what would he get for Bond 25?

    These kind of deal details are my to my mind it would hit a Hollywood News site first, which is why I doubt Esquire is accurate on their details. If a new contract was signed then black & white details should be creeping out.

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