Our hope for Skyfall

So Skyfall is almost upon us. U.K. fans can see it the end of next week, U.S. fans two weeks after that. There have been press screenings in the U.K. and France. Fans ponder whether to read the resulting reviews or not.

We’ve followed months of hype, marketing and other developments. Now it’s time to see the final result.

Our main hope is Skyfall is entertaining. The number of positive reviews so far is intriguing. Bond movies historically don’t always get a lot of approval from critics. It doesn’t have to be the best James Bond movie ever, as some of the reviews say. If it is, that’s an extra bonus.

Skyfall had a 97 PERCENT RATING ON THE ROTTEN TOMATOES WEB SITE as of Oct. 17, with only one “rotten” review out of 31 to date. Even the ONE “ROTTEN” REVIEW had some kind words. (Be careful if you click on it; there’s a significant spoiler if you read between the lines).

Despite the lack of an Ian Fleming title, Skyfall appears to have more Fleming content than the most recent 007 movie, Quantum of Solace. (Fans of the novels picked up on clues in the trailers and television commercials.) We think that’s a good thing.

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t watch sausage being made. The same could be said of following a major production like Skyfall. There have been moments of contradictory statements like HERE, or HERE or HERE.

In the end, though, the final film is what matters. Even if a favorite fan icon continues to be played with, the big picture remains whether the movie tells a compelling tale.

So when it comes down to it, our biggest hope is that it all works. Over the past 11 months (going back to the November kick-off Skyfall press conference), it could be easy to not see the trees for the forest. It’s now time to see the big picture (for those seeing Skyfall at an Imax theater, that’s literal). We’re hoping for the best.