Box Office Mojo projects modest rise for Skyfall in U.S.

The Box Office Mojo Web site has projected about a 10 percent rise in North American ticket sales for Skyfall compared with 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

The Web site predicts Skyfall’s ticket sales in the region will total $185 million, compared with $168.4 million for Quantum of Solace, the most recent 007 movie. Quantum set a regional record for Bond movies in 2008.

An excerpt:

With killer previews, an Adele theme song that’s getting tons of radio play, and some of the best reviews in the franchise’s history, expect a new high mark to be set by Skyfall.

Average U.S. movie ticket prices increased 10 percent from $7.18 in 2008 to $7.93 in 2011.

Box Office Mojo’s projection isn’t a consensus. Deadline, the Nikki Finke-founded entertainment news Web site, says there are “all-in guesstimates” that Skyfall will have U.S. ticket sales of $215 million.

Skyfall is a much hotter ticket outside the U.S. The Hollywood Reporter says the 23rd James Bond movie may pass the $100 million mark in ticket sales on Nov. 1. The film opened in the U.K. and other markets on Oct. 26 and opens in the U.S. on Nov. 9.