Skyfall ticket sales total $287 million after 10 days

Ticket sales of Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, totaled $287 million after 10 days of release, the DEADLINE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS WEB SITE and BOX OFFICE MOJO WEB SITE reported in separate stories.

The movie, which comes to U.S. theaters on Nov. 9 (the day before at Imax theaters), had ticket sales of $156 million this weekend. Nikki Finke, founder and editor-and-chief writes of Deadline writes:

“Overseas Bond numbers are huge. Exceptional results across the board fr Skyfall,” a Sony exec tells me. Sony’s markets earned an estimated $139 million for the weekend and MGM’s licensees did and estimated $17 million. IMAX issued an estimated weekend gross of $4.3M in 132 overseas locations over 36 territories, or $33,000+ per screen. Among holdovers, the UK fell off just 21% from its opening weekend to gross $25.7M and bring the 10-day market cume to a staggering $85.8M. France added $14.3M in its 2nd frame to bring the market cume to $30.0M, already passing the lifetime of Casino Royale and a day from passing Quantum Of Solace.

Sony Corp.’s Sony Pictures unit is releasing Skyfall and co-financed the film with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

You can CLICK HERE to read the entire Deadline story or CLICK HERE to view all of the Box Office Mojo story.

One item of note in Finke’s piece. It says, “Skyfall cost much less than” either Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace. Finke doesn’t provide an estimate of production costs. If correct, that would mean that Skyfall is more profitable than the previous two 007 entries. That’d be good news for Sony and MGM because of falling sales for DVDs.

Quantum cost as much as $230 million to make. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the co-bosses of Eon Productions, have said Skyfall cost about as much as Quantum, though they haven’t provided a figure either.

UPDATE: A reader (see response) noes that Casino cost less and provided an estimate. Other estimates have been $102 million at The Numbers Web site and $150 million at Box Office Mojo..

One Response

  1. Finke is dead(line) wrong about the budget. As usual with that site, they take some facts and then tack on some guesses they pull out of their arse.

    The budget for CASINO was $72m. QUANTUM was up as much as $225m.

    There is no way that SKYFALL cost less than $72m considering the increase in production costs in the past 6 years, the higher ticket cast and crew, and the longer more expensive shoot in the UK than Prague.

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