Comparing 1982 and 2013 Oscars from a 007 view


The Oscars on Oct. 24 had the biggest 007 presence since 1982. So how did the two nights compare?

For 007 fans, this year’s Oscars were a mixed bag. Skyfall won two Oscars, breaking a 47-year Oscar drought. But a promised Bond tribute seemed rushed and some fans grumbled that Skyfall should have come away with more awards.

Skyfall came away with the Oscar for Best Song after three previous 007 tries (Live And Let Die, Nobody Does it Better from The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only) as well as best sound editing in a tie with Zero Dark Thirty. But neither director of photography Roger Deakins or composer Thomas Newman scored an award, continuing their personal Oscar losing streaks.

Anyway, the 1982 and 2013 Oscars shows had one thing in common: Each had a montage of James Bond clips. In ’82, it was presented just before Eon Productions co-founder Albert R. Broccoli received the Irving R. Thalberg Award, given to a producer for his or her body of work. That montage included dialogue, including different actors getting to say, “My name is Bond, James Bond.”

Thirty-one years later, there was another montage, a little snappier but clips still familiar to most 007 fans. The clips were accompanied by The James Bond Theme and an instrumental version of Live And Let Die.

The 1982 show had a big production, with Sheena Easton performing For Your Eyes Only (nominated for Best Song, but which lost) along with a Moonraker-themed dance number that included appearances by Richard Kiel as Jaws and Harold Sakata as Oddjob. In 2013, the clip montage led to Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger and drawing a standing ovation. And then….well, the 007 tribute was over. Adele performed Skyfall separately as one of the Best Song nominees.

In 1982, Roger Moore introduced Cubby Broccoli. In 2013, no Bonds appeared. Supposedly, that wasn’t the original plan, according to Nikki Finke, editor-in-chief of the Deadline entertainment news Web site. In a “LIVE SNARK” FROM THE OSCARS, she wrote:

The Academy and the show’s producers hoped to gather together all the living 007 actors. But Sean Connery refused to come because he hates the Broccoli family. Something about how he thinks they cheated him out of money he was owed. Then Pierce Brosnan refused to come because he hates the Broccoli family as well. Something about how he thinks they pulled him from the role too early. Roger Moore was dying to come because, well, he’s a sweetheart. And Daniel Craig would have come because he does what he’s told by the Broccoli family’s Eon Productions whose Bond #23 Skyfall just went through the box office global roof. So there you have it.

Finkke didn’t say how she came by this information. In mid-February, her site ran an interview with the producers of the Oscars show and that story said the six Bond film actors wouldn’t appear at the show and referred to “rampant media speculation” concerning such a joint appearance. Still, her Web site was the first to report that Sam Mendes was likely to direct Skyfall, so it can’t be disregarded completely.

In any case, the 1982 show had something not available to the producers of the Oscars show this year: Cubby Broccoli. He gave a particularly gracious speech when accepting his Thalberg award. He acknowledged both of his former partners, Irving Allen and Harry Saltzman, despite substantial differences of opinion he had with them in the past.

In the end, that speech sets the 1982 show apart from a 007 perspective despite the record two 007 wins for Skyfall. We’ve embedded it before, but here it is once more:

6 Responses

  1. Pierce hates the Broccoli’s? I never heard that. But given the tone of the show, they could have brought out impressionists for any missing Bonds. (Never thought I would live to see a song about boobs AND Sally Field making out with a guy thirty years her junior all in one Oscar telecast.)

  2. When it comes to the score lose for skyfall I think it falls into the area like Marvin Hamlisch’s score (spelling?) for The Spy Who Loved Me. It’s not the best but they have him an Oscar nomination. And when it comes to scores I think they are completely subjective. John Barry won five academy awards but none for a bond film. As for the report from Finke, pay attention to the word Snark.

  3. I do know that George Lazenby and Jane Seymour were there. I saw a photo of them both together.

  4. In addition to the producers denying for over a month there would a Bond reunion Lazenby, Moore and Connery’s Publicist when asked said they were never contacted to participate. Brosnan said that if it was happening it would be minus one. One assumes it’s because he also wasn’t asked.

    Brosnan is in Ireland this week – during which he attended the Dublin premiere of the musical Once. He was accompanied by his mother as well as the show’s producer – one Barbara Broccoli. So much for continued bad blood..

  5. Pierce doesn’t hate the producers, otherwise, why would he go and agree to have an interview for the EON official documentary? Neither does Sean, in the same documentary Babs explained he phoned Cubby when he was ill and that both of them that phone call.

  6. Pierce Brosnan also didn’t care much for John Barry, when he started putting down Barry in an issue of Starlog when he said that the series needed “a new musical direction” and he snubbed Barry’s work on “Goldfinger” when he introduced Shirley Bassey on stage one time. This was probably the factor in why he wasn’t invited to Barry’s memorial concert (though Bassey was). Well, I din’t like that Irish turncoat playing a British secret agent. How do like that, you hypocrite?

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