“Waiting for Mendes” (or 007 dog days)

To direct or not to direct Bond 24

To direct or not to direct Bond 24

It may be time to update the classic Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot for James Bond fans. All you’d need to do is tweak the title to Waiting for Mendes.

While nobody knows for sure, it appears that Bond 24, the next 007 movie, is in a kind of hiatus until Skyfall director Sam Mendes decides whether he wants another turn in the Bond director’s chair. First he said no, then changed his mind to the equivalent of “let have a think on it.” (You can CLICK HERE for a story on the MI6 fan Web site that carries Mendes quotes from three different outlets.)

In the play Waiting for Mendes, characters Vladimir and Estragon, instead of waiting for the mysterious Godot, spend their time waiting for Sam Mendes to make up his mind about Bond 24.

“Do you think Daniel Craig will best Roger Moore’s record of appearing in seven James Bond movies?” Vladimir asks.

“Sean Connery also did seven,” Estragon replies.

“But that does not count,” Vladimir says. “Never Say Never Again is an unofficial Bond movie!”

“Unofficial?” asks Estragon. “Did not producer Jack Schwartzman obtain the rights legally?”

“You are engaging in double talk. Besides, once Sam Mendes returns as director, everything will be well again. Daniel Craig will have his eight Bond movies, mark my word.”

Estragon frowns. “But when will Bond 24 come out? 2015? 2016? God forbid, 2017?”

And so on and so forth. Perhaps Michael G. Wilson could have a cameo appearance. Meanwhile, as they say, nature abhors a vacuum. Thus, the wife of former soccer player David Beckham can proclaim her husband would be a great 007, AND IT GETS WRITTEN AS IF IT’S AN ACTUAL STORY.

It’s all a bit silly, especially in light of another recent story that claims Beckham IS GOING TO AUDITION TO PLAY THE LEAD IN THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. MOVIE (Which, presumably, would be a surprise to actor Henry Cavill, who seems to be under the impression he’s going to be the star.)

Still, it would seem, until Mr. Mendes decides, there’s not going to be much real Bond 24 news. For Bond fans, the dog days continue.

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  1. Just what we fans need! Yet another reason to delay so we keep on waiting four or six years for the next Bond installment… sigh. And I’m guessing Beckham will be Kuryakin opposite Cavill’s solo? Just bring back Vaughn and McCallum now!

  2. Just what fans need, another reason to delay the next film by years… and it sounds like Beckham will be Kuryakin and Cavill, Solo? Just bring back Vaughn and McCallum now!

  3. I love ALL the Bonds – they have a unique place of importance to me. And Daniel Craig matches the spectacular way of the latest films just right – but I know I cannot be the only one who misses the MIND in these movies. Something is missing – the balance of Brains and Brawn is broken, so the brains seem less brainy and the brawn ‘way too ORC-y. The early Bond films had the advantage of novelty, so we were intrigued. Some of that is gone BECAUSE of 24 Bond movies. But when Mendes and all o’ hizzown get paid millions to “think of neat intriguing stuff” , and win back that balance, it should happen. Please fix.

  4. […] Some fans still hold out hope for a 2014 release. However, Skyfall director Sam Mendes apparently is still waiting whether to come back for an encore and Bond 24 appears to be on hold until he makes up his mind. […]

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