When Michael Jordan thought he was 007 material

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

It’s not just SPORTSWRITERS who like to compare former basketball star Michael Jordan. According to his agent, Jordan apparently thought he was 007 material in the early 1990s.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, in its July 1 issue, features SPORTS AGENT DAVID FALK ON ITS “HOW DID I GET HERE PAGE? It’s an infographic featuring quotes from the subject, photos and a timeline.

There’s this quote from Falk in the 1992 section, related to when Falk founded Falk Associates Management Enterprises (or FAME):

“I told Michael, `You’re not an actor. If you’re ever going to be in a movie, you have to play the person you can play best. He said, `Who’s that? James Bond?’ I said, `No, Michael Jordan.'”

Jordan may have been kidding. The infographic doesn’t provide any additional information. The comment works as a joke because Jordan isn’t known for being humble (click HERE or HERE for examples) either as a successful basketball player (six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls) or a less successful baseball player and NBA team owner.


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  1. There was a writer for the Chicago Tribune who, during MJ’s heyday on the Bulls, tried to make a case for him being the next Bond. Maybe that’s where MJ got the idea.

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