Brian Berley takes down his 007 illustrations

Artist Brian Berley has taken down his illustrations based on Ian Fleming 007 novels down from public view.

Berley said in a post on the message boards of the MI6 James Bond fan Web site that, “I have to announce that my collection of Bond Illustrations has been officially banished from public display.”

To read the artist’s full post on the message board, CLICK HERE. The HMSS Weblog did a December 2010 post about Berley’s 007 art, which you can read BY CLICKING HERE.

4 Responses

  1. Very sad. They were just spectacular!
    Created for such a niche audience, they would have never ‘interfered’ with the regular world of Bond and would certainly give kudos to IFP (but I guess they do not want to take away any thunder from SOLO).
    Again, those that seem to embrace the literary side of Bond, especially the original Fleming scriptures, are cast aside.
    Oh, well, glad I saved them when he first released his ‘teasers’. There is some quantum of solace in that.

  2. So do we know why this happened?

  3. Brian Berley also said this:
    ‘This comes with little surprise on my part, knowing that I, like Icarus, was flying a little too close to the sun. I want to thank all who gave such kind feedback and showed interest in my work. Perhaps someday the illustrations will re-emerge, but for now I must accept that my efforts have become a miniscule asterisk in the James Bond universe.”

    That suggests objections from Ian Fleming Publications. But that’s only a surmise from here.

  4. This is sad. They were great illustrations and captured Fleming perfectly. IFP should consider fans,professional illustrators,others who merely want to pay homage and not be corporate bastards.

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