University of Michigan football game has 007 half time skit

Not the University of Michigan president

Not the University of Michigan president

The University of Michigan’s Aug. 31 football game against Central Michigan University featured a James Bond-themed half time skit.

Essentially, the plot line of the skit was that MARY SUE COLEMAN, the university president, also moonlights as the head of MI6. Coleman gets kidnapped and needs rescuing. Coleman is retiring as the university president in mid-2014 so the skit was a way of honoring her tenure.

At one point, the P.A. announcer asked if “the forces of scarlet and gray” (the colors of Big Ten archrival Ohio State University) would defeat “the maze and blue,” representing the colors of Michigan. The answer, the announcer assured everyone, was no.

Michigan defeated Central Michigan 59-9.

UPDATE (Sept. 1): Read S Cooper’s comment below to see how the skit turned out. The villain of the piece of was Brutus, the Ohio State mascot. You can watch this YouTube video (unless it gets yanked from the video-sharing service):