007 Magazine offering pricey Goldfinger collectible

Goldfinger poster

Goldfinger poster

Graham Rye’s 007 Magazine is offering what it calls “the ultimate definitive” Goldfinger collectible.

But be warned. If you want to buy it, be prepared to open your wallet up wide.

The publication is selling a Goldfinger portfolio, containing more than 1,000 images and weighing in at 350 pages. The price: 350 British pounds, $550 or 437 euros, not including postage and handling.

Contained in the portfolio, according to the website, are call sheets, press releases, blueprints and sketches by production designer Ken Adam.

Also included are new interviews with actresses Nadja Regin, Margaret Nolan and Shirley Eaton, who appear in the 1964 movie.

For more information, you can CLICK HERE.

One Response

  1. the portfolio of the movie ‘goldfinger’ firstly I would like to congratulate graham rye publisher/ writer/ and publisher on this bible of ‘goldfinger’ released just in time to celebrate the greatest bond film of all time the 50th anniversary of ‘goldfinger this year.

    however it’s a hefty sum weather in british 350 pound’s or 500 u.s dollars. it’s worth every penny if you’re a die-hard fan like me.

    the only thing that makes this book incomplete is no interviews done by sir sean connery explaining his experience’s in making this land mark bond film.

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