Bond 24 title and cast announcement coming Dec. 4

Bond 24 logo
An announcement about Bond 24 has been scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 4, according to the official 007 Twitter feed and official Facebook page.

The Hollywood News website published an excerpt from a press release saying the title and cast would be disclosed. That press release described the event as “a live announcement and photo call.” That raises the possibility there won’t be a press conference where questions are asked. That’s something this blog suggested IN A SEPTEMBER POST. We’ll see if that happens.

Also, the press release says Bond 24 will begin production on Monday, Nov. 8. Previously, The Daily Mail and the MI6 website said it would be Nov. 6.

The Deadline Hollywood website says the media event will be live streamed at at 11 a.m. London time, 6 a.m. New York time.

UPDATE: The CINEMA RETRO website has a post that includes a schedule indicating no questions from the press will be taken.

EVENT TIMINGS (all timings GMT)

10.50am         Introduction

11.00am         Live announcement commences

11.07am         Live announcement ends (approximate)

11.15am         Photo call with cast and director

2 Responses

  1. every bond fan like myself will be listening to every electronic media
    house around the world. we actually have an idea who the principal
    cast members are already. even if there are still considered as rumour’s right now.

    when you read the comment’s on the internet. most bond fan’s are
    really excited to hear or read the title of bond 24.

    however i’am throughing caution to the wind and name which title
    maybe called ‘devil may care’ the reason why i choosed this from
    the novel by douglas foulks because it has been tipped from earlier
    this year as a possible next bond film.

  2. correction of error on my side. the author of ‘devil may care’
    is sebastian foulks not douglas.

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