SPECTRE filming begins officially

The picture below could be considered a spoiler to some.

The official James Bond Twitter feed (@007) sent out a picture of a clapperboard for the new 007 adventure, marking the official start of filming.

During production of Skyfall, @007 put out clapperboard pictures on a weekly basis. Some fans kept track of the scene numbers to try deduce elements of the plot. In the case of the first SPECTRE photo, there’s an object last seen at the end of Skyfall.

Here’s a copy of the Tweet:

Some filming on SPECTRE occurred earlier this year and you can CLICK HERE to read a story on MI6 James Bond website with the details.

3 Responses

  1. well it’s been officially released that filming will begin 8-12-2014
    Monday. but it seems filming on bond film ‘spectre’ a good couple of
    weeks ago according to a news aricle by ‘the onion’ as far as they
    are saying. bond fans are giving mixed reactions about film shooting
    locations. the onion article claims that bond director sam mendes is planning on filming most of the movie in new Hampshire u.s.a

    theres a photo of Daniel craig in action as bond in it.

    however the british bull dog pictured. is what we see miss eve
    moneypenny give to james bond on the roof-top mi6.

    which Naomi harris explains in a recent interview that bond 24
    untitled at the time. is a continuation film from ‘skyfall”

  2. You do realise that “The Onion” is a satirical online website and is not to be taken seriously.

    Or did you think it was a real news outlet?

  3. […] 24th James Bond film. The first was released last month when principal photography began officially ON DEC. 8. Based on the scene number on the clapperboard, this is for a sequence somewhat later in the […]

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