Empire describes SPECTRE filming

SPECTRE teaser poster

SPECTRE teaser poster

Mild spoilers, but no plot points. Spoiler adverse folks should just move on.

Empire magazine’s look at SPECTRE is out. While the story isn’t online, fans have been making image scans of the magazine pages.

A few highlights. No plot points discussed in this summary but those the spoiler adverse should stop reading. The magazine itself has more spoiler detail.

–There is a description of a fight involving Bond.

–There is a description of a bigger action sequence filmed in Austria filmed by the second unit.

–In a sidebar, Lea Seydoux repeats a Bond movie talking point going back decades. “She’s his equal, independent and strong and smart, and she doesn’t need him or wait for him to save her.”

In other words, the same talking points as Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997 when describing the Chinese agent working with Bond in that film. Of course, the “Bond’s equal” character goes back to Agent Triple-X in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. In this case, Seydoux says she’s not an agent.

–Eon Productions does admit the title refers to the SPECTRE organization featured in Bond movies before the Daniel Craig reboot that started with 2006’s Casino Royale. Barbara Broccoli, co-boss of Eon, says “Okay, now’s the time to explore that (SPECTRE) again in a new and exciting and different way.”

— The film opens in Mexico.

–Barbara Broccoli says the script that got out during the Sony hacks was “a very old version.” The Gawker website on Dec. 12, based on a copy of the script and memos also leaked in the hack, said rewriting continued throughout November. The movie began filming on Dec. 8.

–In SPECTRE, “Bond is on top of his game, top of his form,” Broccoli told Empire.

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  1. Why is this the same old tired rhetoric from the last 15 years. Gee, can you tell I’m just so disappointed in what the 007 films have become since Martin Campbell last helmed one.

  2. The “Bond’s equal” tag to the Bond girls is perhaps still there, but there’s a difference IMO. In CR and SF there were Bond women who were mostly Bond’s equal intellectually. Because if you look at Vesper Lynd, Solange or Severine they were also slightly troubled, complicated women. Especially Vesper showed us that in the end, even Bond is “better” at discovering true natures of people.

    And I think the “intellectual equality” will especially be the case for Madeleine Swann and Lucia Sciarra. Nor Swann or Sciarra have the “physical equality” to Bond. They are foremost women……and not like Jinx, Wai-Lin or Camille tough “karate-kids” with a revenge agenda.

  3. […] One of the most repeated is having the lead female actor talk about his character is Bond’s equal. It was uttered most recently by actress Lea Seydoux in an interview with Empire magazine in early 2015. […]

  4. […] to that movie’s director, Lewis Gilbert. Nor would Tomorrow Never Dies be the last time “Bond’s equal” would come up in […]

  5. […] to that movie’s director, Lewis Gilbert. Nor would Tomorrow Never Dies be the last time “Bond’s equal” would come up in […]

  6. Just a film that was rambling rubbish overseen by a Producer that is just an out-of-touch elitist.
    Step aside and let some real film-maker take over.

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